Enforcing Your Non-Utah Judgment

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Are you a business or individual located outside the State of Utah that has obtained a judgment in another state against a business or individual residing in Utah or that has assets or property in Utah? If so, in order for you to effectively collect against that business or individual in Utah, you need to Read More

Bankruptcy Updates

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September 14, 2011 A survey recently released by the Institute for Financial Literacy bankruptcies filed by consumers with college degrees were up 20% and bankruptcies filed by consumers earning over $60,000.00 increased by over 66%. According to Leslie E. Linfield, executive director and founder of the South Portland, Maine-based Institute for Financial Literacy, “The Great Read More

Utah Residence Lien Recovery Fund

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The Lien Recovery Fund is a great source of payment for subcontractors and suppliers of construction materials on residential property. It is also a great source for homeowners that are forced to deal with mechanic’s liens. Construction Material Supplier or Subcontractor Seeking Payment for Construction Services/Materials The Lien Recovery Fund is a great source of Read More

Probate and Estate Litigation

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Despite everyone’s best efforts, sometimes there is a disagreement over the decedent’s estate and final wishes.  Sometimes these arguments are over personal property and  sometimes over sentimental items.  Other times, the issue is one of control and decision making.  Still other times it deals with undue influence over the decedent in the creation of the Read More


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Q: What is Probate? A: Probate, simply put, is the process of appointing a surrogate (a substitute) to act on behalf of another who cannot act for themselves. For example, when a person dies owning real estate, unless there is a joint owner, there is no one alive who can sign a deed to sell Read More

Advanced Health Care Directive: Preparing for End-of-Life Care

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Medical science can keep a person alive almost indefinitely, even when their quality of life has severely deteriorated. For reasons both personal and financial, most opt out of prolonging life under such conditions, particularly when there is little-to-no hope for recovery. It is also common to need someone with authority to make medical decisions when Read More

Paying for Long-term Care

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Aging adults sometimes transfer their property outright to children in order to avoid using their life’s earnings on long-term medical care. My advice? Don’t do it. There are a myriad of pitfalls to this practice, including: Having to turn to one’s children in times of need Increased capital gains taxes to the children when they Read More