Tips for Getting Paid and Avoiding a Lawsuit on Your Next Construction Project

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Being a part of building something that will last can be a great source of lasting satisfaction. That said, there is one thing that will sour that satisfaction regardless of how successful the project is—NOT GETTING PAID! As anyone in the construction business knows, too many projects end up with conflicts over payment, resulting at Read More

How to Recover Attorney Fees

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Without fail, my clients will always ask, “Can I recover attorney fees from the dirt bag I am suing?” (Okay, maybe not in these exact, polite terms). My answer is always the same: “Maybe.” In Utah, and every other state, each party is typically responsible for their own attorney fees. There are exceptions. For example, Read More

Small Claims for Small Business

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Ellie owns a small flower shop in Salt Lake City. In addition to the regular individual customers who paid cash for their flowers, Ellie had several customers who bought their flowers on open accounts. This system of credit purchases worked quite well for Ellie and her shop. However, she had one client, Reese, who had Read More

Enforcing Your Non-Utah Judgment

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Are you a business or individual located outside the State of Utah that has obtained a judgment in another state against a business or individual residing in Utah or that has assets or property in Utah? If so, in order for you to effectively collect against that business or individual in Utah, you need to Read More