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Are you a business or individual located outside the State of Utah that has obtained a judgment in another state against a business or individual residing in Utah or that has assets or property in Utah? If so, in order for you to effectively collect against that business or individual in Utah, you need to domesticate your judgment. In order for you to lien property in Utah or execute on other property or assets of the debtor in Utah, you need to have a judgment that is enforceable in this State.

The process of domestication takes your foreign judgment and turns it into a judgment that is fully enforceable in Utah. Once the judgment is domesticated you can take action to collect from the debtor here in Utah. The process does not take very long and once the judgment is domesticated you can begin collection 30 days after the judgment is entered.

Our firm is experienced in domesticating foreign judgments. Contact our office today to help you with enforcement of your foreign judgment.

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