Commercial Drivers and Traffic Citations: Protecting Your Career

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By Chase B. Ames [email protected] 801-365-1022 Everyone hates receiving traffic citations. For most of us it means paying a fine, an appearance in court, or maybe even traffic school. However, a moving violation or other traffic citation can have devastating consequences for commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders as it could result in disqualification of a Read More

Are Text Messages and Emails Considered a Written Agreement or Signed Agreement under the Statute of Frauds in Utah?

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By Victoria T. Linde 801-365-1020 [email protected] Utah Statute of Frauds Under the Utah Statute of Frauds there are certain types of contracts that cannot be enforced unless they are written and signed. The types of contracts that are governed by the statute of frauds, and must be in writing and “subscribed to by the party by Read More

What are My Rights if My Contract is Wrongfully Terminated?

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By Chase B. Ames [email protected] 801-365-1022 People commonly associate “wrongful termination” with employment contracts. However, any contract is susceptible to wrongful termination. Depending on the type of contract and the facts of your circumstances, your remedy may vary. A wrongful termination of a contract is a termination of the contract without lawful justification. For example, Read More

How to Deal with Ambiguous Contracts in Utah

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By Joseph G. Ballstaedt 801-365-1021 [email protected] What happens when two parties to a contract disagree about what the contract language means? How are ambiguities in a contract resolved? Utah courts and judges should interpret and enforce each contract in a way that is in line with the intent of the parties who signed the contract. Read More

Utah Contacts: When is Substantial Performance Enough?

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By Joseph G. Ballstaedt 801-365-1021 [email protected] Under Utah law, must parties to a contract perform their contract duties strictly, literally, exactly, and completely? If they do not, are they in breach and liable for damages? No, not always. Sometimes all that is required is “substantial performance.” This article discusses what substantial performance is and what Read More

Firing Employees in Utah who Refuse to Engage in Illegal Conduct

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By Joseph G. Ballstaedt 801-365-1021 [email protected] An employer asks an employee to do something illegal or improper as part of that employee’s work duties. The employee refuses. Shortly thereafter, the employer fires the employee. What next? Is there anything the employee can do? Should the employer be worried about liability for wrongfully firing the employee? Read More

Paying and Withholding Wages During Employment or Upon Termination and Other Issues Answered by the Utah Payment of Wages Act

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By Joseph G. Ballstaedt 801-365-1021 [email protected] Wage claims and disputes between Utah employees and employers are fairly common, unfortunately. The Utah Payment of Wages Act contains many of the statutes and guidelines that any employee or employer should understand when a payment question or dispute arises. This article explains some of the requirements under the Read More

Thirteen Estate Planning Terms You Need to Know

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By Jeff B. Skoubye 801.365.1012 [email protected] Estate planning—it is an incredibly important tool, not just for the uber wealthy or those thinking about retirement. On the contrary, estate planning is something every adult should do. Estate planning can help you accomplish any number of goals, including appointing guardians for minor children, choosing healthcare agents to Read More