Obtaining Original Birth Certificates and Other Records After Adoption

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By Chase B. Ames 801-365-1022 [email protected] In Utah, it is extremely difficult for an adoptee to obtain any records related to their birth or adoption—including the adoptee’s original birth certificate—because these records are sealed following an adoption. An adoptee will literally have to wait 100 years before the records are unsealed. However, an adoptee in Read More

Enhanced Penalties to Utah Contractors Who Fail to Pay Their Subcontractors and Suppliers

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By Joseph G. Ballstaedt 801-365-1021 [email protected] When a contractor fails to pay a subcontractor or supplier, the contractor takes a risky path. Even if the contractor doesn’t pay the subcontractor because he himself hasn’t been paid by the owner, it certainly isn’t good for business. Subcontractors and suppliers may, of course, refuse to engage in Read More

Resolving a Contract Dispute in Utah Through Accord and Satisfaction

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By Joseph G. Ballstaedt 801-365-1021 [email protected] Unfortunately, not all contracts sail smoothly without dispute. Often times, one party breaches the contract—or there is at least a claim of a breach—and the two parties duke it out, and the conflict can be both time-consuming and expensive. There is a common saying that “a bird in the Read More