What You’re Paying For When You Hire a Realtor

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The more technology disrupts the process of buying and selling a home, the more relevant it becomes to understand what you’re paying for when you hire a realtor. The answer: a professional, hopefully with experience, to help you through the process and ensure it is all done correctly. Exactly how that breaks down depends on Read More

Mediation: Anything You Say CANNOT Be Used Against You in Court

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Business A claims that Business B breached a contract. A wonderful business relationship has soured, a lawsuit has erupted, and the parties are on the brink of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on litigation. Conscious of these costs, however, the two businesses agree to mediate. Sure enough, the mediator successfully manages to facilitate open Read More

How To Collect on a Judgment

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Obtaining a judgment is not an easy process. Nor is it cheap. What’s more, the process doesn’t end the moment the court awards you one. This is because while it’s the court’s job to determine whether the opposing party owes you the money you say it does, its responsibilities stop short of seeing that you Read More

The Art of Recovering Attorney Fees in Utah

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Quality legal help doesn’t come cheap. This means even winning comes with its costs when it comes to the courtroom. Fortunately, there’s still hope. In Utah, like in other jurisdictions, the winning party has the chance to convince the court to force the losing party to cover whatever costs were spent on attorney fees. Of Read More

Statute of Limitations for a Quiet Title Action in Utah

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Unlike some states, there is no explicit statute of limitation for quiet title actions in Utah. However, this does not mean a statute of limitation won’t apply to your case. Determining whether a statute of limitations applies, and what the statute of limitation is, depends on your facts. What is a Quiet Title Action? Generally speaking, Read More

Personal Injury: Choosing the Right Firm for Your Case

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Not all injuries are the same, and neither are the firms that handle them. What’s more, choose the wrong firm and you could be leaving thousands—if not millions—on the table. Unsure what type of firm is right for you? Read on for an explanation of the two basic types of personal injury firms and their Read More

You Have a Judgment…Now What?

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A debtor owed you money so your business sued—successfully. Now you have a judgment against them. Now what? Now comes the work of collecting whatever the court deemed yours. This is because contrary to popular belief, a judgment doesn’t actually ensure payment. Instead, think of it as a warrant to pursue collection. In many cases Read More