Resolving a Contract Dispute in Utah Through Accord and Satisfaction

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By Joseph G. Ballstaedt 801-365-1021 [email protected] Unfortunately, not all contracts sail smoothly without dispute. Often times, one party breaches the contract—or there is at least a claim of a breach—and the two parties duke it out, and the conflict can be both time-consuming and expensive. There is a common saying that “a bird in the Read More

How To Collect on a Judgment

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Obtaining a judgment is not an easy process. Nor is it cheap. What’s more, the process doesn’t end the moment the court awards you one. This is because while it’s the court’s job to determine whether the opposing party owes you the money you say it does, its responsibilities stop short of seeing that you Read More

Personal Injury: Choosing the Right Firm for Your Case

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Not all injuries are the same, and neither are the firms that handle them. What’s more, choose the wrong firm and you could be leaving thousands—if not millions—on the table. Unsure what type of firm is right for you? Read on for an explanation of the two basic types of personal injury firms and their Read More

You Have a Judgment…Now What?

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A debtor owed you money so your business sued—successfully. Now you have a judgment against them. Now what? Now comes the work of collecting whatever the court deemed yours. This is because contrary to popular belief, a judgment doesn’t actually ensure payment. Instead, think of it as a warrant to pursue collection. In many cases Read More