• Adoption: When is the biological father not entitled to notice?

    By Chase B. Ames 801.365.1022 [email protected] Parental rights are some of the most protected rights in American law. It makes sense then that, in most cases, each natural parent must receive notice of an adoption petition and an opportunity to contest… Read More

  • THE SECURE ACT: How It Will Affect You and the Beneficiaries of Your Retirement Accounts

    By Jeff B. Skoubye 801.365.1012 [email protected] On December 20, 2019, President Trump signed the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act (SECURE Act). The SECURE Act, which is effective January 1, 2020. The Act is the most impactful legislation… Read More

  • Five Common Problems with “DIY” Estate Plans

    By Jeff B. Skoubye [email protected] 801.365.1012 In light of the current pandemic, many Americans are becoming aware of the importance of creating or updating their estate planning documents. With the extension of some states’ stay in place orders, it may… Read More

  • Obtaining Original Birth Certificates and Other Records After Adoption

    By Chase B. Ames 801-365-1022 [email protected] In Utah, it is extremely difficult for an adoptee to obtain any records related to their birth or adoption—including the adoptee’s original birth certificate—because these records are sealed following an adoption. An adoptee will… Read More

  • What You Can Do Now to Prevent Expensive Legal Battles Down the Road

    Time is money, especially when it comes to the law. A primary reason is that in the majority of cases, attorneys are paid hourly. And additional legal experience an attorney brings to table is typically reflected in the rate. Combine… Read More

  • Utah’s New Power of Attorney Act

    The Utah legislature recently adopted the Uniform Power of Attorney Act (the “Act”).  The Act became effective on May 10, 2016, and makes some significant changes to current Utah law.  With its enactment, Utah joins 20 other U.S. States in… Read More

  • New Power of Attorney Law Holds Promise and Risk

    Powers of Attorney are powerful and potentially risky documents.  A person signing a power of attorney (the “Principal”) is delegating certain authority listed in the power of attorney to another person (the “Agent”).  Properly drafted, a power of attorney can… Read More

  • Estate and Gift Taxes: How They Work

    Many states have taxes designed to get in on the gifting of property during lifetime and at death. Not so in Utah. The Beehive State has no estate or gift tax. However, the federal estate and gift tax still applies… Read More

  • Probate and Estate Litigation

    Despite everyone’s best efforts, sometimes there is a disagreement over the decedent’s estate and final wishes.  Sometimes these arguments are over personal property and  sometimes over sentimental items.  Other times, the issue is one of control and decision making.  Still… Read More

  • FAQ

    Q: What is Probate? A: Probate, simply put, is the process of appointing a surrogate (a substitute) to act on behalf of another who cannot act for themselves. For example, when a person dies owning real estate, unless there is… Read More