• Probate and Estate Litigation

    Despite everyone’s best efforts, sometimes there is a disagreement over the decedent’s estate and final wishes.  Sometimes these arguments are over personal property and  sometimes over sentimental items.  Other times, the issue is one of control and decision making.  Still… Read More

  • FAQ

    Q: What is Probate? A: Probate, simply put, is the process of appointing a surrogate (a substitute) to act on behalf of another who cannot act for themselves. For example, when a person dies owning real estate, unless there is… Read More

  • Advanced Health Care Directive: Preparing for End-of-Life Care

    Medical science can keep a person alive almost indefinitely, even when their quality of life has severely deteriorated. For reasons both personal and financial, most opt out of prolonging life under such conditions, particularly when there is little-to-no hope for… Read More

  • Paying for Long-term Care

    Aging adults sometimes transfer their property outright to children in order to avoid using their life’s earnings on long-term medical care. My advice? Don’t do it. There are a myriad of pitfalls to this practice, including: Having to turn to… Read More

  • Probate: Taking the Fear Out of the Future

    Probate, simply put, is the process set up by the legislature and carried out by the court which provides for the transfer and management of the property of a deceased, incapacitated, or minor person. Unless appropriate planning is done in… Read More

  • Pros of a Revocable Living Trust

    A trust is an entity (like a corporation) established to hold and manage property. It has its own separate existence apart from the grantor or creator of the trust. Trusts can be established during one’s lifetime (a “living” trust) or… Read More

  • Different Kinds of Wills Explained

    A will is simply a written directive to the probate court as to how property is to be distributed at death, who should be the personal representative (previously called an executor) to manage the estate, and who should be the… Read More

  • An Overview of Asset Protection Planning

    Asset protection planning is like insurance. You can structure your affairs so that many of your assets are much more difficult to reach by potential creditors. Most asset protection planning involves the use of business structures as discussed under setting… Read More

  • A Guide to Adoption

    The adoption process can be daunting for those unfamiliar with the landscape. Our lawyers can assist you in navigating the adoption in any adoption scenario. Please call for a free consultation to discuss your adoption situation. Adoption is the process… Read More

  • Divorce: An Overview

    Going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful times of a person’s life. Olsen Skoubye and Nielson can help you through this difficult and emotional process. As parties move through a divorce, issues including division of property,… Read More