• Construction Law

    The firm’s construction law practice group has significant experience and knowledge in the area of construction law. The firm represents owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, and material and equipment suppliers, in both commercial and residential projects.
  • Estate Planning and Probate


    One of the basic conceptual problems people have with estate planning is not understanding what it does. Usually estate planning is seen only as drafting a will to say who you want to be the Personal Representative (what used to be called an executor). But estate planning is much more than this. The following statement, taught at a seminar I once attended, more comprehensively and accurately describes the purposes of estate planning from the viewpoint of the client:
  • Transportation Law

    The roles and various players in truck transportation.
    Shipper/Consignor–this is the party from whom the freight is being shipped. Freight may not always move from a shipper’s location. For example, an item of construction equipment owned by ABC Company may be located at a job site owned by a real estate development company and may be required to be moved to a shop or different location.
  • Business Organization

    There are a number of forms of business structures that can be used to conduct business. Each type of business form has its advantages and disadvantages. Some provide great simplicity but with little asset protection. Others provide good asset protection but at the cost of greater complexity.
  • Commercial Litigation

    We handle all aspects of commercial litigation
  • Real Estate Law

    Quit Claim Deed
    A quit claim deed is a deed that states that whatever the grantor has in the property is being conveyed, but that the grantor is not guaranteeing that they have an interest in the property at all. These are very common in gift transactions where no money is changing hands or in situations ...