Probate and Estate Litigation

Despite everyone’s best efforts, sometimes there is a disagreement over the decedent’s estate and final wishes.  Sometimes these arguments are over personal property and  sometimes over sentimental items.  Other times, the issue is one of control and decision making.  Still other times it deals with undue influence over the decedent in the creation of the documents or mental incapacity that may invalidate the decedent’s purported estate plan.  In some circumstances the argument will surround a family business or second marriage situation.

It is our goal to try and resolve these conflicts as amicably and cost effectively as possible, while ensuring that the decedent’s true wishes are carried out.  We will attempt every avenue, including mediation and negotiaion, to resolve this issues short of court action.  However, these issues may require a contest regarding the will or trust, or other litigation regarding the estate in order to be resolved.  Though probate or estate litigation is not pleasant, sometimes it is the only available avenue for recourse.

We are experienced in handling all aspects of estate, probate, and trust litigation.  Please call us for a free initial consultation to discuss your case.