Firing Employees in Utah who Refuse to Engage in Illegal Conduct

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By Joseph G. Ballstaedt 801-365-1021 [email protected] An employer asks an employee to do something illegal or improper as part of that employee’s work duties. The employee refuses. Shortly thereafter, the employer fires the employee. What next? Is there anything the employee can do? Should the employer be worried about liability for wrongfully firing the employee? Read More

Loyalty to One’s Employer in Utah: Is a Non-Competition Agreement Necessary to Prevent an Employee from Competing with an Employer?

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By Joseph G. Ballstaedt 801-365-1021 [email protected] Under Utah law, must an employee be loyal to his employer? How loyal? In what way? When does this duty apply? This article briefly discusses some basic duties that form the relationship between employers and employees. It then discusses in depth an employee’s duty of loyalty to his employer. Read More