Utah Construction Liens: An Overview of the Five Basic Steps

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By Joseph G. Ballstaedt 801.365.1021 [email protected] In Utah, a construction lien is a valuable tool for any contractor, subcontractor, or supplier who does not receive payment for work it performs on a construction project. If the party who contracted for the work refuses or is unable to pay, the construction lien provides a second route Read More

The Final Steps of a Lien Claim: Winning the Lawsuit, Selling the Property, and Dividing up Proceeds

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By Joseph G. Ballstaedt 801-365-1021 [email protected] In prior articles, I explained four general steps to preserving and enforcing a construction lien (also known as a mechanic’s lien) in Utah. These steps include: 1) filing a preliminary notice; 2) recording a notice of construction lien; 3) filing a lawsuit and recording a lis pendens; and 4) Read More

A Caution to Construction Material Suppliers: Don’t Get Caught in a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Sham

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Scenario: You just finished quoting a government project and the contractor you submitted the bid to tells you that you will be awarded the contract to provide construction supplies for the project. However, there is a catch.  When you receive the contract for signature you notice that the party that you are contracting with is Read More

Tips for Getting Paid and Avoiding a Lawsuit on Your Next Construction Project

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Being a part of building something that will last can be a great source of lasting satisfaction. That said, there is one thing that will sour that satisfaction regardless of how successful the project is—NOT GETTING PAID! As anyone in the construction business knows, too many projects end up with conflicts over payment, resulting at Read More

Vicarious Liability and Independent Contractors: A Short Explanation

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As employers in the business industry know, they are directly responsible for any damages a negligent employee may cause. This is known in the legal field as “respondeat superior” or “vicarious liability” and is imposed regardless of whether or not the employer was involved or even aware the problem was going on. In contrast, employers Read More