COVID-19 and Landlord Rights

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By Tyler S. Foutz Without question, the impacts of COVID-19 have been felt on a wide scale across the economy of Utah. Many rumors and questions have arisen as to whether these impacts require tenants to pay rent, or whether they may be evicted for lease violations at the present time. In light of the Read More

Can Employees Refuse to Return to Work because of COVID-19?

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By Nathan D. Anderson [email protected] 801.365.1024   Utah is easing some of its COVID-19 restrictions. With the move from “high risk” to “moderate risk” under the Utah Leads Together Plan, some businesses are reopening. While some employees are anxious to return to work, others are not. This raises an important question for employers: Can employees refuse Read More

Force Majeure Clauses and COVID-19

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By Tyler S. Foutz Many contracts include what is commonly known as a “Force Majeure” clause. “Force Majeure” translates literally as “superior strength.” Force majeure clauses may also be known as “Act of God” clauses. A force majeure clause is intended to reduce or alter contractual obligations should a major event occur which renders the Read More

Contractors and Subcontractors – What Does COVID-19 Mean for Your Contracts?

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By Tyler S. Foutz We suddenly find ourselves in a much different business atmosphere in April of 2020.  Much of what we are experiencing is, of course, uncharted territory.  The COVID-19 precautions and shutdowns are likely to impact every industry and area of the economy in a different way.  Many contractors and subcontractors in the Read More