Can an Employer in Utah Charge an Employee the Cost for a Uniform?

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By Joseph G. Ballstaedt 801-365-1021 [email protected] Employers in Utah often require their employees to wear uniforms, some of which are quite expensive. Utah employers often want their employees to bear the costs of these uniforms. Under Utah and federal law, can they do this? As with many legal questions, the answer is “it depends.” Uniforms Read More

At-Will Employment Guide: The Benefits and Pitfalls of the At-Will Employment System

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In an effort to provide employees greater job protection, legislatures and courts across the country have slowly enacted a number of exceptions and restrictions to the traditional at-will employment system used by most employers. The traditional conception of at-will employment holds that the employer/employee relationship between two parties can be terminated by either party, at Read More

Utah’s Game-changing Non-compete Law

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Starting May 10, 2016, Utah non-compete agreements can only restrict employment for one year. Employers frequently use non-compete agreements to limit where and when employees can go to work for a competitor. Previously, those limits ranged from restricting employment with a handful of employers for a year or two, to any competitor in the United Read More

Employment Law: An Overview

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Recruiting and Hiring Procedures For many employers the primary objective in the recruiting and hiring process is to generate a pool of qualified candidates from which the employer can then identify and hire the most qualified applicant. While most employers realize that their recruiting and hiring practices have the potential for legal liability, not all Read More