Kevin M Bischoff

How Does Expungement Work in Utah?

Expungement is the process of sealing or destroying a criminal record, including arrests and convictions. Depending on the type of criminal conviction, and other factors, Utah law provides for the expungement of events in an individual’s criminal history. Expungement is available for several types of criminal convictions; however, there are a few convictions for which an expungement is not available. The court may not expunge the following convictions:

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The New Priority Rules

For a long time, priority of a mechanic’s lien was determined by the date first visible onsite improvements were made by someone working on the construction project. If this work commenced prior to other encumbrances on the property, such as a trust deed for a construction loan, all mechanic’s liens would have priority over that

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Utah’s State Construction Registry: Protect Your Lien Rights

If you are a business or individual that provides construction services or materials to real property in Utah, you need to become acquainted with Utah’s State Construction Registry or “SCR.” The SCR is a place where information regarding construction projects in the State of Utah is gathered in an effort to inform the owner of the property

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