Vicarious Liability and Independent Contractors: A Short Explanation

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As employers in the business industry know, they are directly responsible for any damages a negligent employee may cause. This is known in the legal field as “respondeat superior” or “vicarious liability” and is imposed regardless of whether or not the employer was involved or even aware the problem was going on. In contrast, employers Read More

Keep Out: Minimizing Liability for Non-Public Business Locations

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For anyone operating a business or controlling a construction site, an unauthorized person entering a private area and leaving with an injury can be a big concern. In the courts, responsibility for injuries occurring on land you own or control is called “premises liability,” and the costs of treating such injuries can be hefty. Fortunately, Read More

Limited Liability Company: Who Is It For?

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A hybrid of partnerships and corporations, an LLC provides limited liability for all of its “members.” This is true even as management of the company may remain the same as a general or limited partnership. Its structure is flexible, allowing for a wide variety of situations, and formalities minimal, requiring little else than a filing of Articles of Organization Read More