How to Start an LLC in Utah

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You have a great business idea, you have a business plan, now you need to form the entity to start conducting business. After reviewing the options, you have decided a limited liability company (LLC) is the best choice for you. Making the choice to create an LLC is a big decision, but there are still Read More

How to Pierce Through the Corporate Veil to Hold Individuals Personally Liable

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By Joseph G. Ballstaedt 801-365-1021 [email protected] It might be argued that the American Dream—the opportunity and right to pursue prosperity and financial success—is based upon the corporate structure. To avoid much of the personal liability associated with running a business, an individual can form a corporation or limited liability company that is separate from the Read More

Limited Liability Company: Who Is It For?

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A hybrid of partnerships and corporations, an LLC provides limited liability for all of its “members.” This is true even as management of the company may remain the same as a general or limited partnership. Its structure is flexible, allowing for a wide variety of situations, and formalities minimal, requiring little else than a filing of Articles of Organization Read More