Thirteen Estate Planning Terms You Need to Know

Estate planning—it is an incredibly important tool, not just for the uber wealthy or those thinking about retirement. On the contrary, estate planning is something every adult should do. Estate planning can help you accomplish any number of goals, including appointing guardians for minor children, choosing healthcare agents to make decisions for you should you […]

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Probate and Estate Litigation

Despite everyone’s best efforts, sometimes there is a disagreement over the decedent’s estate and final wishes.  Sometimes these arguments are over personal property and  sometimes over sentimental items.  Other times, the issue is one of control and decision making.  Still other times it deals with undue influence over the decedent in the creation of the

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Probate FAQs

Q: What is Probate? A: Probate, simply put, is the process of appointing a surrogate (a substitute) to act on behalf of another who cannot act for themselves. For example, when a person dies owning real estate, unless there is a joint owner, there is no one alive who can sign a deed to sell or

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