Understanding Civil Litigation: How a Lawsuit Goes to Trial

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If you have a legal claim or someone has filed a legal claim against you, the process can be very confusing.  Knowing the process, however, can reduce uncertainty, acrimony, and expense and lead to better decisions regarding how to proceed.  This civil litigation primer will discuss the basic steps of a typical lawsuit and what Read More

Utah’s New Power of Attorney Act

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The Utah legislature recently adopted the Uniform Power of Attorney Act (the “Act”).  The Act became effective on May 10, 2016, and makes some significant changes to current Utah law.  With its enactment, Utah joins 20 other U.S. States in enacting this uniform legislation, though Utah has made some non-uniform changes of its own.  Here Read More

Eviction Rules Set to Change in Utah

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Starting Nov. 1, 2016, a new court rule will require residential landlords and tenants to exchange more information and to do so earlier in all unlawful detainer (eviction) lawsuits, with failure to comply potentially costing a party the case. If you’ve ever been involved in an eviction or other unlawful detainer lawsuit, you know how Read More