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Navigating the Utah Fit Premises Act
By Benton M. Eskelsen 801-365-1029 Almost everyone has a story of a nightmare apartment or landlord they had to deal with. The standard advice is usually simply tough it out and move once your lease runs out. That hardly seems fair, especially if you ...
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The Utah Consumer Sales Practices Act, A valuable protection for consumers against unscrupulous businesses
By Benton M. Eskelsen 801.365.1029 Often times customers get the raw end of a deal. They order something and it never shows up, the product wasn’t as described in the advertisement, or a premium price is paid for an inferior item. It may seem like ...
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Severance Agreements and The Reasons You Might Want to Take Another Look
By Benton M. Eskelsen 801.365.1029 When a person is terminated from their employment, almost always the employer will require as part of any severance agreement a release of liability. Signing a release from a former employer can have significant legal implications. It is important ...
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