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The Receipt of Stolen Property: Just a Crime?
By Scott Allen(801) It’s becoming more and more of a problem where someone, for whatever reason, thinks they are entitled to your property. It could be a former business partner taking title to real property from the business. It could be someone to whom ...
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Essential Estate Planning Terms: A Guide for Every Adult
By Jeff Skoubye (801) 365-1012 Estate planning is an indispensable tool, not solely for the affluent or those contemplating retirement. It is a critical process for every adult, enabling the appointment of guardians for minor children, the selection of healthcare agents for decision-making in ...
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Navigating the New Corporate Transparency Act: What Businesses Need to Know
By Jeff Skoubye (801) 365-1012 The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), which came into effect on January 1, 2024, represents a significant shift in the regulatory landscape for businesses in the United States. This legislation mandates the reporting of beneficial ownership information for a wide ...
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