Utah’s State Construction Registry: Protect Your Lien Rights

If you are a business or individual that provides construction services or materials to real property in Utah, you need to become acquainted with Utah’s State Construction Registry or “SCR.”

The SCR is a place where information regarding construction projects in the State of Utah is gathered in an effort to inform the owner of the property and other interested parties of who is furnishing construction services or materials to their project. Designed to ensure the owner is aware of who is working on the project and to aid in the payment of all who provide work on a project, the SCR represents a valuable source whether you’re a general contractor, subcontractor, or supplier.

Under Utah’s new lien law, anyone furnishing construction materials or services to a private project must file a preliminary notice with the SCR. The preliminary notice must be filed within 20 days from the date the contractor, subcontractor, or supplier commences furnishing construction service to the project. This includes beginning work on or furnishing materials to the project. If the preliminary notice is not filed within 20 days of commencing work, the contractor, subcontractor or supplier will not be able to maintain a lien on the project for any unpaid amounts.

Registration with the SCR is free. Once registered you can search for projects and file preliminary notices. If you are not familiar with the SCR, you should take a few minutes and explore the site and acquaint yourself with the functions of the site and the information needed to successfully file your preliminary notices. Getting to know the SCR and establishing an account with the SCR are the first steps in protecting your lien rights and helping you get paid for your work.

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Kevin Bischoff